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It is 100 years since a 19 year old entrepreneur called Georges MONIN started out selling branded wines and spirits with a horse and cart and the slogan "A passion for quality". The company he founded has never strayed far from his motto. Today, MONIN is the brand of choice of the gourmet flavour business and an international, multi-million turnover operation with an unrivalled product offer.

Requirements for perfection

This passion for offering only the highest quality drink solutions has been born out by each of the three generations – Georges, his son Paul and now his grandson Olivier – who have been key to the company's global success.

From the outset, bottles were always presented impeccably – individually labelled and sealed, cleaned, and wrapped in silk. Georges' passion for quality was inherited by Paul, who would travel the world sourcing only the best natural ingredients to guarantee premium flavours.

Quality remains a keystone in the modern-day state-of-the-art production process, where every bottle is lasered with a lot number, a traceable reference for the ingredients and the person responsible for blending them.


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