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Thomas Fentiman, an Iron Puddler from Clerkheaton, started Botanically Brewing with a recipe for Ginger Beer he accepted as security for a loan that was never repaid. By offering refreshments to the local community, his enterprise prospered and enabled the establishment of a furtherfour Botanical Breweries which delivered drinks to doorsteps across the North of England. Botanical breweries "popped up" all over the country establishing the "pop wagon" within the social history of the time. The burgeoning demand promped the industry to pursue more efficient ways to produce, packageand distribute their products. It was the advent of plastic bottles and the rise of supermarkets that were to consignto history almost all of those early pioneers of pop; yet still the Fentiman Family continued to champion their art.

Four generation on, our concession to progress is to take advantage of the discovery of pasteurisation which now allows us to keep every Fentiman's beverage "at condition" and deliver our refreshing draughts all over the world.

"When it comes to makink superior beverages, full of flavour & goodness, why setle for a modern compromise?"


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Sky Spirits
Office & Showroom
Εθνικής Αντιστάσεως 6
174 56 Άλιμος, Αθήνα, GR
t&f. (+30) 211 411 0552

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  • Η Sky Spirits είναι μία boutique εταιρεία ,η οποία εισάγει premium ποτά και υλικά για cocktail εξειδικευμένων και ιστορικών οικογενειακών επιχειρήσεων από όλο τον κόσμο.
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